Tongues MP3 Download by Patricia King

Would you like to receive a key that will unlock the power of God within you? This key will accelerate your growth and maturity as a believer, allow you to experience things of God that seem impossible to the average person and enjoy deepend intimacy with the Lord.

Tongues shares how you can receive all the above-mentioned benefits and more through the person of the Holy Spirit. Full of Bible Scriptures it will kindle your desire to be filled afresh. In this teaching you will learn:

- Why the empowering and gifts of the Holy Sprit are so important to our daily walk and purpose as a Christian

- Five amazing, supernatural reasons why you should pray in tongues

- The Role of praying in tongues in revival

- How you can be baptized in the Holy Spirit and receive the gift of Tongues.... and more

Get ready! The principles in this teaching will change your life!

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