The Replenishment Anointing - Book/E-Book (PDF) or Spanish by Patricia King

This book is available in Spanish in Book or E-Book (PDF)

This Book Contains a Glorious Revelation

It is a powerful mystery that will set you on a path of miracle replenishment and increase in everything that pertains to you – your physical strength, your love, your time, your provision, your gifts, your anointing, and anything else that flows from you to God and others. 

Imagine that…

  • You give money from your bank account and it is immediately replenished and increased.
  • You sacrifice your time to serve a friend in need, and then discover that your time was replenished supernaturally so that you now have copious hours to spare.
  • You spend your strength on serving the Lord and others and right when you are feeling emptied out, a fresh wave of strength immediately fills you.

The Replenishment Anointing shares this God-given revelation through biblical examples, insights and keys, along with practical applications, personal testimonies, and decrees for activation.

“I have been sharing this message all around the world and constantly see immediate and sustained results in the lives of those who activate it.  I have absolute confidence that if you receive this revelation and activate it, you will be blessed beyond measure.”  – Patricia King

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