The Spiritual Cleanse MP3 Download by Patricia King & Steve Swanson

This is a soaking CD like no other soaking CD. It is full of prayers and decrees written and proclaimed by Patricia King, with worship music composed and played by Steve Swanson. As you listen, you are soaked in the purifying presence of the Living Word of God. It's like taking time off and going to a spiritual spa where you can relax, let go, and be washed clean of all the toxins, poisons, and contaminants of the world. Let the power of the blood of Jesus Christ gently wash over you, and receive a deep spiritual cleanse.


1. Cleansed from the Power of Sin

2. Cleansed from the Power of Curses

3. Cleansing the Eye and Ear Gates

4. Cleansed from Sexual Defilement

5. Cleansed from Addictions

6. The Refiners Fire and Fullers Soap

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