Power Weight Loss and Rejuvenation - "A Life Coaching Course" - MP3 Downloads (Audio)

Power Weight Loss & Rejuvenation is a Personal Development Life-Coaching CourseDo you need a lift? Do you want to be energized and revitalized? Would you like to shed some pounds and keep them off? Excessive weight and weight-loss failures create discouragement, disillusionment and often hopelessness and destroyed self-image. All things are possible in God and this coaching series offers not only hope but keys and encouragement for your breakthrough for life transformation for both weight-loss and rejuvenation.

The 286 page full color manual consists of three sections: Section One Life Dynamics for Breakthrough, prepares you mentally, emotionally and spiritually for your breakthrough. Plenty of helpful activations are included. Section Two, Forty-Day Fasting Regime for Break-through guides you through three different cleanses: A 12-day colon cleanse, a 12-day liver and kidney cleanse and a 12-day blood and lymphatic cleanse, plus four days of transition. Detailed food lists (dont worry you will not go hungry!), eating and exercise plans for each fast are included. Each day also includes Inspirational Coaching Insights, Prayer Focus Points, Decrees, Exercise Outlines and a Journal for the Journey. The Appendix is full of helpful additional material.

In the CDs, Patricia shares and expounds on the daily guidance provided in the Manual. These can be used along with the Manual, or separately. The bonus DVD, Bless the Temple of the Holy Spirit, will greatly bless and encourage you in this journey.

You will learn:

Keys to achieve permanent weight loss

To experience spiritual breakthrough from ungodly strongholds and beliefs

Renewing of the mind that brings life transformation

How to release supernatural power for weight-loss and physical rejuvenation

How to receive wisdom from the Lord that gives valuable, life-giving insights for your situation

Spiritual keys to obtain permanent weight stability and divine health

A dynamic life-transforming 40-day fasting regime for long-term breakthrough

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