Narcissism Exposed Book/Ebook by Patricia King

Tear down the strongholds of narcissism in your life
or in the lives of those you love. 

There are many who are held captive to narcissism. They are imprisoned by the deception of this wicked spirit and destructive mindset. 

In this book, Patricia King delves into the psychological and spiritual roots of this disorder that are running rampant in both the world and the church. She sheds keen insight and biblical truth on this deceiving spirit that draws people into the withering trap of self-idolatry. The self-absorption and self-exaltation of narcissism have been stealing the fullness of life and richness of relationship from too many for too long. The example and sacrifice of Jesus and His love are the weapons that will tear down this stronghold. 

As you read Narcissism Exposed, you will learn: 

  • What narcissism is and how it manifests
  • How the deception of narcissism blinds
  • How narcissism takes root in an individual 
  • What the symptoms of narcissism are and how to discern this spirit 
  • The truth about narcissism in the church today 
  • How to live with someone under the influence of a spirit of narcissism
  • How to overcome this rampant spirit called narcissism! 







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