Leviathan Exposed - Study Guide/PDF Download - Robert Hotchkin

Do you ever feel misunderstood, like no matter what you say it’s misinterpreted? And the more you try to explain yourself, the more it seems to stir up confusion and conflict? Those are all signs that Leviathan is at work in your midst. Leviathan is a high-level demonic spirit that works subtly behind the scenes to twist and pervert communications with the goal of destroying relationships and alliances. It wants to derail your destiny and infiltrate every area of your life – creating chaos, confusion, devastation, and destruction. But in this Study Guide, Robert Hotchkin gives you the understanding, tools and tactics that stop this demonic power in its tracks and remove it from your life. Discover how you can tap into the character and nature of Christ to turn confusion into clarity, conflict into unity, and misunderstanding into cooperation. Make the enemy sorry he ever came against your relationships, calling, opportunities, and destiny!

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