How To Boost Your Brain Power Digital Download - Patricia King

As Christians, we are continually called to be good stewards of everything we have – our gifts and talents, our spiritual life, our material possessions, our finances, our families, our opportunities, our bodies ... but little is said about being good stewards of that amazing master control center God has endowed each of us with – our brain. This three pound organ has been called the most complex structure in the known universe – and its capabilities are amazing.
This course, How to Boost Your Brain Power, explores many proven ways that we can steward our brains well, multiplying its performance. Who doesn’t want that? How much more can we achieve and how can we better serve God when we are “full throttle”? And the good news is that we don’t have to search out some elusive “limitless pill” – all we need to do is observe healthy, proven practices of our mind, body, soul.
So join me as we review these simple, but powerful, brain-boosting habits!

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