Eyes & Wings - Ebook by Patricia King

We are in a new hour, a new season. It is one where the Lord is inviting His people to have a greater impact and influence than ever before. It is birthed from embracing Him in His fullness. And as we do, we become more fully equipped to do all that He reveals to us.

For years, the prophetic and apostolic gifts have been thought of as independent separate giftings for separate offices. But all of God has been given to all of His people. Its not that everyone will be called to the office of the prophet, or the office of the apostle. But in Christ we can all be prophetic and we can all be apostolic. It is the hour for the church to arise in both the prophetic and the apostolic together to see what God is revealing and to establish it in the earth.

There is more than revelation in this book, there is also equipping. The Lord has eyes and wings waiting for you. As you read this book, you will learn how to see the plans and purposes of God, and how to activate them in your life and in the world.

It is time for the church to arise. It is time for you to arise. It is time for eyes to open and wings to take flight!

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