Ears That Hear - E-Book

Patricia King moves powerfully in the prophetic. She is seasoned and experienced in hearing God's voice. It all started when she chose to believe God's Word that promises that He speaks to His people and we can hear His voice!

Do you desire to hear what He is saying in this hour? Are you crying out for the Lord to speak to you about the deep mysteries of His Kingdom? Do you wonder what His plans are for your life? Then you need ears that hear!

In this powerful book, Patricia shares with you what she has learned about hearing God's voice during her more than 30 years of being a Christian. As you read, you will come to know that you too can hear God's voice. You will also learn simple and practical ways to step into the prophetic and to begin listening to what the Lord is saying.

Jesus has given you EARS THAT HEAR, and He has so much He wants to tell you!

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