Create Your World - Study Guide (Manual)

Interactive Study Guide:

The Create Your World Interactive Study Guide will enhance your learning experience. Designed to be used with the Create Your World book and/or audio series, each lesson includes key truths and then, through a series of activations, takes you beyond the discovery of fresh revelation and wonderful insights to help you apply those truths to your life to change the world you live in.

Create Your World is full of keys that will help you unlock your full potential and transform every aspect of your life. As you read and apply the principles of Create Your World, your relationships, health, finances, and overall state of being will be supernaturally blessed by God! The Create Your World teaching is also available as a DVD set and CD set.

The Interactive Study Guide can be used with any of these resources for maximum benefit. Space for journaling is included in the Study Guide at the end of each lesson where you can record your personal journey into implementing these life-changing keys.

Get ready to enjoy the most amazing life filled with realms and atmospheres of heavenly glory and blessing. Your best years are ahead when you learn to create your world through Christ. This regal privilege is your blessing Û_ your calling Û_ and, yes, it is your purpose!

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