10 Keys to Success - Revised & Expanded - Book

God's plan is for you to prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers (3. John 2 KJV). He wants you to succeed in every aspect of your life every project, every endeavor! He wants you to be fruitful and to increase and multiply in every good thing. This brings glory to Him.

10 Keys to Success offers you valuable insights taken from the lives of two of the most successful persons in the Bible, Abraham and David. Then discover 10 effective and proven principles found in Scripture keys that open doors to the success God wants you to have.

Patricia King has skillfully presented her readers with clear, concise, and convincing information that coaches, equips, trains, and propels hungry hearts toward their innate and inherent desires, dreams, and personal passions. They are keys to doors that can lead to the fulfillment of those God-inspired dreams, visions, prosperity, and legacy.

Dr. Clarice Fluitt

Certified Transformational Personal and Executive Coach

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