Decrees To Create Your World - MP3 Download (Audio)

The Creator has made you in His image and given you everything you need to create an amazing life for yourself including the choices you make of what to fill your world with. As you listen to this CD and soak in these decrees that Patricia King has created from Scripture, you will be releasing the power of God's Word and truth into your life.

Fill your world with God's promises, blessing, provision, protection, strength, truth and goodness, and more. Allow the power of God's Word to begin creating a better world for you today!


01 Prayer of Dedication
02 Praise and Worship
03 Everlasting Love
04 Who I Am In Christ
05 Blessing
06 Favor
07 Victory
08 Wisdom
09 Glory
10 Provision and Resource
11 Christian Character
12 Spiritual Strength
13 Empowered to Go
14 Health and Healing
15 Business, Ministry, and Workplace
16 Family and Children
17 Great Grace
18 Rejuvenation
19 I am Supernatural in Christ
20 12 Decrees for Your Nation

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