The Victorious Soul MP4s with Manual

Have you been crying out for “MORE!” of God?  More of His Kingdom? More of His blessings? More of His power? It’s time to stop crying out for MORE, and start living in it!

In these five sessions, Robert Hotchkin and Patricia King will help you unlock the divine power of your mind, will and emotions so that you can prosper, be in health, and live in victory all the days of your life.  This course will reveal the lies of the enemy that have been stealing from you, and the truth of God that  will empower you.  

Why settle for anything less than the fullness Jesus has given you? Start living as “The Victorious Soul” you truly are in Christ.

SESSION ONE: The Eternal Truth of I AM

SESSION TWO:  The Power of Your Mind

SESSION THREE: The Power of Your Will

SESSION FOUR:  The Power of Your Emotions

SESSION FIVE:  The Power of Your Words

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