Personal Revival - MP3 Download by Robert Hotchkin

Have you ever wondered what God is doing, why He's doing it, or what it's all about?  It may not always feel like it, but God really is up to something in your life.  Something big!  What youve been through, even what youre going through now, is all part of it.  You haven't missed the boat.  You aren't going to be left out.  As a matter of fact, God is getting ready to meet the cry of your heart in ways you couldn't even imagine.

As you listen to these messages, discouragement will melt away, faith will be stirred, weariness will disappear, and fires will be fueled. You're about to experience a personal revival that will rocket you beyond your circumstances and launch you into the very midst of what God is doing!

CD 1 Where Did God Go?
CD 2 Unlock Your Future

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