Leviathan Exposed - Book/E-Book by Robert Hotchkin


Do you feel misunderstood, like no matter what you say it’s misinterpreted? And the more you try to explain yourself, the more it seems to stir up confusion and conflict?  Those are all signs that Leviathan is at work in your midst.

Leviathan is a high-level demonic spirit that works subtly behind the scenes to twist and pervert communications with the goal of destroying relationships and alliances. If this wicked spirit is allowed to run amok, it will infiltrate every area of your life, creating chaos, confusion, devastation, and destruction. It wants to derail your destiny. But fear not, because this book the understanding, tools, and tactics you need to stop this demonic power in its tracks, and remove it from your life and spheres of influence. Leviathan Exposed reveals how this stealthy spirit works, and how you can shut the door on its lies and manipulations to clear up communications, strengthen relationships, and get your destiny back on track.


"Robert Hotchkin has done a masterful job of exposing one of the most subtle and fierce, dark, diabolical enemies of our lives.  Leviathan is a conniving demonic spirit that aims to twist communications. It is time that we learn the signs, step up to the plate and with this battle!"

– Dr. James W. Goll, Encounters Network / Prayer Storm 

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