Divine Union: Decrees for a Heavenly Marriage - Book/E-Book PDF

God's desire is to co-labor with you to bring about the marriage you have always wanted – whether you are believing to meet your special someone, are on your way to the altar with the one the Lord has for you, or are currently married but want to strengthen your relationship;  Put the decrees in this book to work on your behalf and watch as all of heaven moves to bring forth the Divine Union the Lord has for you a supernatural marriage framed by His word and filled with His blessings.

"I am so excited for my dear friend Robert to compose a book on Divine Union! Having had a marriage built on friendship, prayer and core values, I applaud this valiant effort to put simple tools into couples hands so they too can have a piece of heaven on earth!"

Dr. James W. Goll, Encounters Network / Prayer Storm


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