Hearts That Turn Book by Patricia King with Benjamin Deitrick

This prophetic word of the Lord has become God's call for us today-that the generations will run together to prepare the way of the Lord. In an hour where there is a clear transition of eras, this call is more critical and relevant than ever before. 

In Hearts that Turn-with a special focus on spiritual parents and children-Patricia King and Benjamin Deitrick speak to those in every generation who desire to fulfill the Lord's purposes for this hour. Packed with extensive biblical insight, an abundance of wise, practical counsel, and real-life stories and testimonies, Hearts that Turn shares: 

- Key attributes of both spiritual parents and spiritual children

- The roles of mentors and leaders

- Keys for successful relationships across generations

- Testimonies of spiritual parents and spiritual children

- How to overcome relational hurt and fully experience God's fatherly love

- And much more


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