EXPOSED: Witchcraft in the Church Book/PDF by Patricia King

Witchcraft in the church? Yes. It is operating in the church today and many are suffering under its blatant and brutal assaults because there is lack of awareness.

We must no longer deny its existence or live in fear. Above all, we must not passively shrug it off and do nothing about it. Rather, it is time to expose it for what it is and begin to use the powerful spiritual weapons that we have in Christ to defeat it.

In Exposed-Witchcraft in the Church, Patricia shares her personal journey with God as He has walked her through pathways of understanding, warfare encounters, and revelation on this subject over a forty year period. It is a prophetic alert for the Body, offering enlightenment and creating hunger to grow in God's Kingdom authority and to be fearless in the face of any adversary.

In Part One, learn about satan’s strategies:

  • Common witchcraft practices – and how to make sure you aren’t inadvertently engaging in them!
  • “Landing strips” for their activity – and how not to be one!
  • Real life stories of witches that targeted churches, their leadership and families and the outcome

In Part Two, discover:

  • Your God-given power and authority over all the works of the enemy
  • 12 powerful spiritual weapons you have in Christ to defeat every device of the enemy

Let's give no place to the devil as we commit to living fully consecrated unto God. Jesus is coming back for a glorious church that is well acquainted with its authority in Him. That includes you! 

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