Opening Portals of Glory - MP3 Download by Patricia King

The Lords desire is for your life to be filled with the glory of heaven during your time on earth Not occasionally. Not just when youre in church or at conferences and meetings. But always. One evening, while together at our Ministry Center in Phoenix, Steve Swanson was leading worship and the tangible glory presence of God was ushered in. Patricia King, under the inspiration of the Spirit, began teaching and releasing prophetic decrees and prayers in the midst of the open heaven environment.

It was an outrageous night. The manifestation of heavenly glory was so thick! On this live teaching, worship, and soaking CD, Patricia King and Steve Swanson call forth the portals of glory in your life. Listen, absorb, and be transformed by the anointing that is released. May the portals open up over your life. May the glory fall on you and surround you. And may you come to see just as Jacob did, that surely God is in this place!

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