Highest Of All Highs MP3 Download by Patricia King

Jesus Christ is the One who is high and lifted up. And He longs to draw you into that elevated place of bliss and joy that lifts you above the trials and challenges of the world. Many turn to worldly substances to try and make them feel better, but these highs are simply perversions of the true joy, the true bliss, the true high of the Most High!

The worlds highs do not bring relief or empowerment -- they bring only addiction and destruction. But the ecstasies of God bring joy, bliss, relief, and empowerment. In this message, Patricia King unpacks what the bliss of God looks and feels like, and why He pours it out the way He does!

There is no high like the Most High!

Once you experience the high of the Most High, you will never want the counterfeit again. So come on, lets get HIGH!

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