Gifts of the Holy Spirit - MP3 (Audio) Digital Download by Mary Goddard

All 25 Teachings!

Mary Goddard, was my mentor in the Gifts of the Spirit and the Founder of Christian Services Association. I will never forget all the Tuesday night sessions I sat through back in 1978 for over 6 months as our church devoured her teachings. They were life-transforming nights. She was so thorough, so anointed, so practical, and so real. We all loved the Spirit inspired teachings - we all loved her. It has been many years now since my introduction to the Gifts of the Spirit but the teachings have been established in my heart forever. I want to share them with you now. These were recorded many years ago, but their contents need to preserved for the hungry in heart - for you. May you receive a tremendous impartation and may you, like me, never be the same again after you finish.

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