Childlike Faith for Grown-Ups - MP3 Download

Faith is the currency of heaven. It is the substance that creates the reality of the kingdom in our lives and in the earth. It lays hold of God's provision, power, presence and purposes. Faith is powerful. And childlike faith that simple faith that trusts and expects the goodness of our loving Father all the time in all our circumstances no matter what that is the faith that moves mountains. That is why the enemy works so hard at destroying childlike faith in believers, by reminding us of every time it seems like God didnt show up how or when we wanted. When we begin to doubt God, we begin to lose the power of our childlike expectant faith. But it can be restored, bigger and better than ever.

In this 3-CD set, Patricia King delves into the power of childlike faith, how we can lose it and how we can allow the Lord to restore us to that place of simple, profound expectancy. Its time to move past the disappointments of the past and learn how to dream big with God again.

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