The Loving Discipline of the Lord - MP3 Download (Audio) by Patricia King


Discipline is not a topic we need to be afraid of or shy away from. The discipline of God does not come from a place of anger or disappointment. It is not about punishment or chastisement. The discipline of the Lord comes from a heart of love and the desire to see us walk in all the blessings, benefits, power, and purpose of everything He created us for.

With that in mind, Patricia King delves into the important subject of the loving discipline of the Lord. As you listen to this message, youll discover what the Word says about the discipline of the Lord, why it is a good thing for us, how we can receive it, and the amazing benefits that it brings to us. When you have finished with this message you will see discipline in a whole new way and more than likely will be asking God to please, please, please be generous with His discipline in your life.

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