Grow in Divine Favor

Grow in Divine Favor and Shift into Success and Blessing!

Would you like to ensure success in everything you do? This one little “secret ingredient” is so powerful that, for everything you set your hands to and in every area of your life, it will cause you to become abundantly fruitful and extravagantly blessed.  

Divine favor is a force. It opens doors, it makes connections, it attracts blessings, it provides advantage. When you are moving in the favor of God, good things just seem to happen – all the time, wherever you go. Joseph had so much favor on his life that he went from being a slave to the second most powerful man in all of Egypt. Daniel walked in a similar level of favor with God and with man. So did David. And so can you!

Patricia King packs Grow in Divine Favor with powerful insights about how you can walk in the fullness of the favor that God intended for you. As you grow in your revelation of how much God loves you, and begin to see the divine favor you have through the finished work of the cross, things will start to shift and change in your life. This powerful revelation, along with a few simple steps, can get things moving in areas that have seemed blocked or stalled for years.

Don’t wait another moment. Learn how you can Grow in Divine Favor today! 

Grow in Divine Favor is the revised edition of The Favor Factor – The Book. 

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