Choose Love - MP3 Download by Robert Hotchkin

Do you want to walk in greater power? Would you like to flow in an increased anointing? Do you want more breakthrough, miracles and victory? This message holds your key to seeing a glorious multiplication of all that, and more. How? Love.

Love is more than an emotion. It is greater than a feeling. It is the fullness of who God is and all that He has given us. There is no greater power than love. When we choose it, we activate the tangible reality of the Kingdom in (and through) our lives. We also disempower all the traps, lies and lures of the enemy that can so subtly hinder, limit and interfere with us walking in the fullness of our calling.  

In this message, Robert Hotchkin reveals how you can carve out a Kingdom realm of love in your life. He also shares what blocks love, what steals love, and what keeps us from moving in the power of love.

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