Women on the Frontlines 2018 World Convention (Digital Download)

God is empowering women in unprecedented new ways to release them into global mandates of multiplied impact. Are you ready to be a Woman on the Frontlines? If so, come receive inspiration and impartation that will help you shape history!

Our God is the Lord of Breakthrough (2 Samuel 5:19-20)!  He was for King David, and He is for you!  The word for His “power” in the Greek is “dunamis” – where we get the word “dynamite.”  We believe He is going to show up with explosive miraculous power to bring breakthrough and acceleration in every session of the 2018 Women on the Frontlines World Convention. Come and join us for a Holy Spirit BLAST and allow God to advance, increase and multiply you as He launches you out into the frontlines with greater favor, reach and impact!

WOFL 2018 World Convention

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