TV Show Offer #323 In The Zone COMBO

Combo Contains:
  • Physical copy of the "In the Zone" Book
  • "Decrees" in a downloadable format.


The Word of God is mighty and powerful and is well able to profoundly influence your life! When you receive Christ as your personal Saviour, you enter into an eternal and unbreakable covenant with God. At that time, all of His promises are available to you if you receive them by faith. When declarations of the word are proclaimed over you, the word is then activated to strengthen your spirit man and prepare you for an intimate relationship with Him, and for every good Kingdom work. His word does not return void but accomplishes everything that it is sent to do.

When you live in the BLESSING ZONE, you are blessed in everything you put your hands to. Your health is blessed. Your finances are blessed. Your family is blessed. Your work is blessed. Your relationships are blessed. Blessings come upon you and overtake you. Curses flee from you. Would you enjoy living in such a realm of bliss? You can!

Dont settle for other zones any longer. Step out zones of lack, zones of mediocrity, zones of just-okay, zones of curses Û_ and step into the BLESSING ZONE!

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