River Journey - E-Book (PDF) by Donna Marie Long

Are you ready for an adventure? We often say yes, until we are met with the realities of the unknown. If Jesus invited you to take a stroll with Him through a jungle, would you go? Before you giddily put on your walking shoes, you might want to remember that what we call a hike in the jungle, Jesus considers a walk in the park.

In The River Journey, Donna Marie Long brings you on her adventure a summer-long encounter with the Lord. The River Journey is a vision of an adventure with the Lord, full of inspiration and insight about our journey with the Him. As you cross the river with Donna and the Holy Spirit, you'll gain faith and confidence to relinquish your control and find rest as you embrace the journey. You'll delight in the nuggets of wisdom found in these pages.

Throughout The River Journey, you may sense the author's struggle with that all to often ongoing tug-of-war the desire to be obedient to the Lord, yet ready to quit because the road is so hard; the longing to trust His plans and purposes for you future, but wrestling with the now of your circumstances; learning His easy lessons the hard wayour wayuntil we are finally able to yield to His way.

The author's prayer is that the anointing of New Beginnings will fall on you as you experience The River Journey so that when Jesus invites you to go with Him, you will respond with an emphatic yes! and experience your own sacred adventure.

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