Create Your World - CD & Study Guide Combo

The Lord has an amazing plan for you. In the "Create your World" - 5 CD set, Patricia King gives you tested and proven biblical principles that will help you break through roadblocks, hindrances and delays so you can fulfill your divine destiny. As you listen, you will discover how to co-labour with the Creator to create Kingdom realities in your life that you can begin to inhabit today.

God created the whole world and everything in it. You are created in His image and called to work with Him to create your world and establish the reality of His blessing in every area of your life.

Enhance your experience by using and completing the Create Your World Interactive Study Guide.Designed to be used with theCreate Your Worldbook and/or audio series, each lesson includes key truths and then, through a series of activations, takes you beyond the discovery of fresh revelation and wonderful insights to help you apply those truths to your life to change the world you live in.

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