Operation Prayer Strike - Manual by Robert Hotchkin

Discover How To Take Cities and Nations through Decrees and Intercession!

God loves to take territory.  We are meant to co-labor with Him to drive the enemy from the land.  What the Lord did in the Old Testament through the sword of steel in the hands of His people, He will do in this hour through the sword of the Spirit in the mouths of His faithful.

Operation Prayer Strike is a powerful, in-depth course focused on targeted prayer and intercession to tear down strongholds of the enemy, release the glory of the Lord, and break open regions.  You will learn to hear the voice of God and receive His victory strategies while being mentored and activated in all manner of prayer.  You will discover how to decree and declare the Lord's plans and purposes for a region, releasing strategic intercession that demolishes demonic strongholds and establishes the things of the Kingdom.  Lives will be changed, regions will be transformed, and you will be a significant part of all He is doing!

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