Kill The Rock Star - Book/E-Book by Sandy Lockhart

In this delightfully transparent treatment of the subject, Sandy Lockhart both challenges the motives and describes the rewards of the worshipping heart of a leader. Written for all who desire to lay themselves bare in worship, but especially to those who are called to lead others into the deep places of God's heart and linger there... Kill the Rock Star calls you to a lifestyle of being hidden in Him in order to be a releaser of God's glory, not your own. This book, and its important message in this critical hour will raise the bar in a day where celebrity fascination and idolatry is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Through these pages, Sandy opens up her heart and takes you on her beautiful journey... and it will inspire and challenge you to examine your heart! Although it is written primarily for worship leaders, it sheds light on principles that every leader should heed and every believer should understand. It will expose the motives of your heart and bring great freedom; this book will show you how to let go and let God!

Woven together on these pages are three important focal points: We are encouraged toward our upward focus of drawing near to God, our inward focus of how to empty ourselves of motives that hinder, and an outward focus to help others come with us, as we learn how to be atmosphere shifters through our worship.

Written with great passion and insight, this book will challenge you to go deeper, expect greater, and live in the richness of a life laid down for Love.

SANDY LOCKHART is a passionate worship leader and singer/songwriter. She leads worship infused with a passion to see God honored and glorified, and His presence released. Sandy has participated on many albums including her newest solo release, Where I Belong.

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