100 More Love Letters from the Throne of Grace - "E-Book PDF" by Nichole Marbach

In this amazing devotional, Nichole gives you a peek into what a deeply personal and intimate relationship with our incomparable God is like. This book will help you know Him better. With candidness, humor, and much inspiration, Nichole unveils what God has spoken to her and what He wants to say to all of us, in these daily prophetic words that bring edification, exhortation and inspiration to the hearers.

Nichole has captured the love of the Father for His children in this book. You Rock, Nichole! This book will become a favorite reading in the Greenig household. ~ Angela Greenig

Once again, Nichole surprises us with a brilliant piece of work. ~ Jeremy Lopez

100 More Love Letters from the Throne of Grace brings joy, peace, encouragement and most of all helps us know just how He loves us unconditionally all the time. ~ Dr. Kaye Beyer

Nicholes words are like drops of glory that fall on your thought life. There is something ground-breaking and distinct with Nicholes writing. It will truly speak God's Love through every page. ~ Dr. Brian Simmons

This beautiful book is filled with bite-sized words of love and encouragement from a loving Father in Heaven." ~ Ben Peters


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