Winning the Battle for your Mind, Will and Emotions Book - Robert Hotchkin (Christmas 19)

Your Key to Victory!

All of heaven is available to you right now through the finished work of the cross. But often it does not look or feel that way. The reason: There is a battle for your mind, will and emotions.  A battle that it is critical you partner with God to win, because it largely determines the fullness of God’s presence, power and Kingdom that you will walk in. This book is your key to victory! It overflows with revelation and practical ways to apply profound biblical truths in your life right now. In these pages, you will discover:

God’s purpose for you as one of His Kingdom agents of impact
How and why the enemy attacks
The divinely designed power God has placed within you to defeat the enemy
How to walk in that power every day
Your ability to release heaven into the earth in profound ways


Winning the Battle for Your Mind, Will and Emotions is the secret to walking in the MORE of God you have been crying out for. 



“This is a breakthrough book, unlocking profound revelation, practical tools and timely encouragement for personal revival toward the overcoming victory gained in Christ alone.” Ché Ahn, president and founder, Harvest International Ministries


“The wisdom of God drips off the pages of this book.  Secrets for success are unlocked, wisdom for your personal struggles is imparted, and strength to make wise decisions is waiting to be given to you!” Brian Simmons, The Passion Translation Project


“This book will change a person’s life!” – Patricia King, Patricia King Ministries


“There are those who are uniquely gifted to shift the atmosphere from fear to faith. They can skillfully convert the uninformed to become informed, and ultimately transformed. Robert Hotchkin is among those anointed wordsmiths that can release a positive and biblically informed influence on those who read and activate the powerful revelations and insights in his new book, Winning the Battle for Your Mind Will and Emotions. Buy it, read it, activate it your life.” Dr. Clarice Fluitt, Clarice FluittMinistries


“The Apostle Paul spoke of taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. In other words, we have been granted the authority from God to control what would otherwise control us. In Winning the Battle for your Mind, Will and Emotions, Robert Hotchkin shows from Scripture and personal experience how to contend in this arena and come out victorious.” – Robert Henderson, best-selling author of THE COURTS of HEAVEN series


“Robert Hotchkin’s ability to practically communicate biblical precepts is superb. In Winning the Battle for Your Mind Will and Emotions he takes my favorite subject – the soul – and gives us a feast of fresh revelation that has a breaker anointing on it. I consider myself well versed on the subject of inner healing yet Robert has one-upped me with this anointed book. You’re going to love it, but even more you’re going to get free and healed in EVERY area of your life as you read it and apply its truth.”Katie Souza, Katie Souza Ministries


“Robert Hotchkin is a Kingdom leader who genuinely loves people and wants to equip them for victorious Christian living. In his latest book, Winning the Battle for Your Mind, Will and Emotions, he lays out solid teaching in strategy to overcome the battles of the mind and live in victory.” – Ryan LeStrange, Ryan LeStrange Ministries


“Robert Hotchkin has written a great book on overcoming in our mind, will and emotions. It is so practical, so personal and so biblical. I know Robert; he’s an extremely honoring person. In this book he honors God and His ability to help us break through every soul issue. This book is so Robert! Most of all it is so true of his own character. This is written by a man who lives this. The book is excellent, and I highly recommend Robert Hotchkin!” – Barbara J. Yoder, Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center and Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network


“Robert does a phenomenal job putting words to what Christians go through on a day-to-day basis. He identifies with readers, then manages to empower them to step into a life of courageous faith. Robert’s personal stories are transparent and gripping. It is a must read for all who desire to step into the fullness of what God is calling them too.” Rakesh and Preethy Kurian, Senior Pastors Capstone Church and the London Outpouring


“We can have the Mind of Christ and walk in wholeness in our Mind, Will and Emotions. My friend, Robert Hotchkin, does the body of Christ a great favor by writing a compelling book on winning the internal battle.  Written in both an inspirational and practical style, there are tools within to help every person walk in a greater measure of freedom.” –  James W. Goll, God Encounters Ministries


Wow - to be able to live and function in the fullness of Christ's presence, power and personality!  This is FAR MORE than just another "how to" manual on victorious living!  Robert offers Spirit-led insights on our ability to recognize and choose truth as opposed to responding to the enemy's lies in the midst of life's intense, challenging and often fearful circumstances.  In reading this book, you will become enlightened, equipped and empowered to win your own personal inner battles.–  Mary Audrey Raycroft, Releasers of Life Equipping Ministry, Catch the Fire


"This is one of the most helpful, practical and biblical books on the transformation of the mind, will, and emotions that you will read. This is the battle manual we have been waiting for. Get ready for victory."  – Darren Stott, Seattle Revival Center


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